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Fresh whole and cut lemons

“Lemons have been a much prized fruit for drinking and cooking with for centuries. Introduced into Spain by Berber and Arab farmers in the 7th & 8th century the delicate flavour of lemon has enhanced European cuisine ever since, I hope you enjoy my lemon photos”, Paul Williams.

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Photos of Fresh Lemons, cut and whole

The lemon is both a small evergreen tree (Citrus × limon, often given as C. limon) native to Asia and the tree’s oval yellow fruit. The fruit is used for culinary and nonculinary purposes throughout the world – primarily for its juice, though the pulp and rind (zest) are also used, mainly in cooking and baking. Lemon juice is about 5% to 6% (approximately 0.3M) citric acid, which gives lemons a sour taste, and a pH of 2 to 3. This makes lemon juice an inexpensive, readily available acid for use in educational science experiments. Many lemon-flavored drinks and candies are available, including lemonade and sherbet lemons.The distinctive sour taste that lemon juice gives, makes it a key ingredient in many dishes across the world.

Lemon juice, rind, and zest are used in a wide variety of culinary applications:

Lemon juice is used to make lemonade, in soft drinks, and as a marinade for both fish, where its acid neutralizes amines in fish by converting them into nonvolatile ammonium salts, and meat, where the acid partially hydrolyzes tough collagen fibers tenderizing the meat.

Lemon juice is also used as a short-term preservative on certain foods that tend to oxidize and turn brown after being sliced, such as apples, bananas and avocados, where its acid denatures the enzymes which cause browning and degradation. Lemon juice and rind are used to make marmalade and lemon liqueur.

Lemon slices and lemon rind are used a garnish for both food and drinks.

Lemon zest, the grated rind of the fruit, is used to add flavor to baked goods, puddings, rice and other dishes. Pickled lemons are a Moroccan delicacy and the big lemons of the Amalfi coast are the base of local Limoncello drinks.

Fresh whole lemons with leaves (By food photographer Paul Williams. Home made lemonade outside (By food photographer Paul Williams. Home made lemonade outside (By food photographer Paul Williams.

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