Argan Tree with Goats climbing it, Morocco

One of the stranger sights you may see in Morocco as you drive towards Essouira through the Argan tree plantations, are goats high up in the Argan trees eating the ripe Argan nut fruit. It really is an extraordinary sight and on closer inspection you can find a herd of goats who have climbed to the top of the Argan tree enjoying their favorite Argan nuts. This Argan photo gallery is dedicated to the climbing goats of Morocco and the rarest oil in the world. Paul Williams.       Photos of Argan Trees, Argan Nuts and Argan Oil Production – Morocco Photos of ArganRead More →

. Blog Index Day Six – Murzouga Off Road – Discover Sand Dunes, Fossil Tortoise & remote Oasis ….. The Road To Morocco Prologue Every year I plan a photography trip and this year I will make a journey I have wanted to do for many years to Marrakesh in Morocco then through the Atlas mountains to the Oasis of the northern Sahara desert. This road trip will start in Paris France then head south through Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar into North Africa. In the 1960‘s the Hippies made Morocco “cool” and Marrakech was the magical oasis in the desert where Hippie cultureRead More →