Cappadocia Hot air balloons Balloons at sunrise Turkey

  Wonders of the World – Hot Air Balloons Over Cappadocia “One of the greatest sights in the world can be seen just before sunrise when hot air balloons take off from around Goreme in Cappadocia, central Turkey. The balloons in themselves are spectacular enough, but combine them with the strange rock formations of Capadoccia and you have a sight to be believed. Cappadocia is in the remote steppe in central Turkey. The surrealistic geological formation of Cappadocia is one of the wonders of the world. During the Tertiary period of geological development, 2 to 65 million years ago, a belt of huge volcanoes coveredRead More →

4 x4 Landrover Defnder on the Sahara sand dunes of erg Chebbi, Morocco, Africa

Wonders of the World – Erg Chebbi Dunes   ” One of the most exciting things I have ever done was to sit in my Land Rover early one cold wet spring morning and type the word Marrakech into my sat nav. It just felt so unreal, yet thirty Six hours later I had crossed the straits of Gibraltar into Morocco, and was on my way to the northern Sahara. This was a journey I had wanted to do for years my Land Rover had been well prepared for the journey. Nothing could have prepared me though for the breathtaking beauty of the great Ergs,Read More →

Image of Portofino Harbour, Liguria, Italy

“If you want to see have the stars and celebrities live than Portofino on the Italian Ligurian coast is the place to go. The old chic rustic port is hidden in a small bay surrounded by high wooded hills where celebrities like Dolce and Gabbana hide away in the hot Italian summer months. Portofino is a great place o go star spotting whilst soaking up the atmosphere of one of the most picturesque harbours in Italy. I hope you enjoy my photos”. Paul Williams. See More of Our images of Portofino, Italy Download images of Portofino, Italy as high resolutuion Royalty Free Images or BuyRead More →

Image of The ruins of the Gothic Fountains Abbey North Yorkshire, England

Wonders of the World – Fountains Abbey, England.   When the great Lords and Ladies of Britain went on the Italian Grand Tour they were captivated by the enigmatic Roman ruins in Rome and the rest of Italy. On their return the Lords and Ladies started building ruins in their English landscape gardens to create enigmatic vistas of their own. Some Lords were lucky though as they has real ruins to build their gardens around. This is how Fountains Abbey became the show piece of Studley Royal Water Garden. So important is the design of this garden that it is a World Heritage Site. SoRead More →

Photo of Alberobello Trulli Italy

Alberobello Photo Guide & The History of Trulli with Pictures & Images. Find out why the unique design of the trulli houses came about as a tax dodge. Alberobello is one of the top 20 destinations in Europe. Hope you enjoy the photos, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Alberobello Download Alberobello Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of ItalyRead More →

Argan Tree with Goats climbing it, Morocco

One of the stranger sights you may see in Morocco as you drive towards Essouira through the Argan tree plantations, are goats high up in the Argan trees eating the ripe Argan nut fruit. It really is an extraordinary sight and on closer inspection you can find a herd of goats who have climbed to the top of the Argan tree enjoying their favorite Argan nuts. This Argan photo gallery is dedicated to the climbing goats of Morocco and the rarest oil in the world. Paul Williams.       Photos of Argan Trees, Argan Nuts and Argan Oil Production – Morocco Photos of ArganRead More →

. Blog Index Day Six – Murzouga Off Road – Discover Sand Dunes, Fossil Tortoise & remote Oasis ….. The Road To Morocco Prologue Every year I plan a photography trip and this year I will make a journey I have wanted to do for many years to Marrakesh in Morocco then through the Atlas mountains to the Oasis of the northern Sahara desert. This road trip will start in Paris France then head south through Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar into North Africa. In the 1960‘s the Hippies made Morocco “cool” and Marrakech was the magical oasis in the desert where Hippie cultureRead More →