The Duomo & Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Wonders of the World – Leaning Tower of Pisa   “The Leaning Tower of Pisa has to be in the top 100 iconic sights in the world. Even if the Tower did not lean the ensemble of buildings in the Duomo square would still be spectacular. The tilting the tower has caught everybody’s imagination and so powerful is its effect, that I am surprised that tilted buildings have not been built on purpose to attract tourists. The leaning Tower of Pisa remains one of my favourite places. At sunrise it is incredible to have the building to yourself and to be able to examine itRead More →

Image of The ruins of the Gothic Fountains Abbey North Yorkshire, England

Wonders of the World – Fountains Abbey, England.   When the great Lords and Ladies of Britain went on the Italian Grand Tour they were captivated by the enigmatic Roman ruins in Rome and the rest of Italy. On their return the Lords and Ladies started building ruins in their English landscape gardens to create enigmatic vistas of their own. Some Lords were lucky though as they has real ruins to build their gardens around. This is how Fountains Abbey became the show piece of Studley Royal Water Garden. So important is the design of this garden that it is a World Heritage Site. SoRead More →

Photo image of the Palatine Chapel Capella-Palatina Palermo

‘Tucked away in the Norman Palace of Palermo is one of the worlds most beautiful chapels. The Palatine Chapel with its gleaming gold interior is overwhelming in its magnificence. It was built as the personal chapel of the Norman Kings of Sicily who created the greatest court in Europe in the middle ages. The Palatine Chapel is a blend of Roman Byzantine and Islamic art brought together in a political statement of harmony that existed for a short period in Sicily when it was ruled by Kings who spoke French, Latin and Arabic. I hope you enjoy the fascinating story of the Palatine Chapel andRead More →

Greek Orthodox Monastery of All Saints Varlaam, Meteora Mountains - Greece

“The Meteora Monasteries perched high on pillars of rock in the centre of Greece are one of the top landmark sites in Europe. The medieval Greek Orthodox Monasteries demonstrate how far Christian were prepared to go in search of tranquility to pesue their devotions t God. An incredible site at dawn or dusk I hope you enjoy my Meteora Photos”, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of the Meteora Monasteries, Greece Download Meteora Monasteries Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of Greece Beautiful Art Photos of Hadrians Villa Tivoli, Italy At the northwest edge of the fertile Plain of Thessaly inRead More →

Gothic painted Panel Altarpiece of Saint Vincent by Master of Estopanya. Tempera and gold leaf on wood. Circa 1350-1370. 199 x 255 x 10 cm. Comes from Estopanyà (Baixa Ribagorça, Huesca).. National Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona, Spain, inv no: 003940-CJT

“One of the greatest collection of Gothic art can be found in the National Museum of Catalan Art in Barcelona. The collection focuses on Catalan Gothic art and comprises wonderful tryptic panels, Gothic sculptures and Gothic paintings. An incredible collection and I hope you enjoy my photos”, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Villa Adriana Tivoli Download Gothic art Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of Gothic Art and Historic Buildings Download pictures & Images of Medieval Art Photos of the Gothic Art of The Catalan Art Museum Barcelona One of the most spectacular and important collections of Gothic artRead More →

Romanesque frescoes from the Church of Sant Clement de Taull, Vall de Boi, Alta Ribagorca, Spain. Painted around 1123 depicting Christ Pantocrator or In Majesty. National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona. MNAC 15806

One of the greatest collections of Romanesque Catalan Frescoes is in the Museum of Calatan Art in Barcelona. The Fresco collection contains whole Romanesque Church interiors which were saved from being exported to the UA in the early 1900’s. The influence of Roman Byzantine art is clear but there is a directness in the Frescoes that illustrates medievals mans need to be close to God. This Romanesque Fresco collection is a pure joy and a great treasure. I hope you enjoy the photos. Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of MNAC Romanesque Catalan Art Download MNAC Romanesque Catalan Art Photos or Buy PrintsRead More →

The 12th century Romanesque Cistercian Abbey of Notre Dame of Senanque ( 1148 ) set amongst the flowering lavender fields of Provence near Gordes, France.

Provence in the south of France is a wonderful landscape of secret little valleys that lead to pan tiled hill top villages surrounded by Lavender fields. The Romanesque Senanque Abbey is tucked away in such a valley where its Medieval monks copied great manuscripts in its cloisters and made a living from selling lavender oils. Today it is a reminder of a monastic life that was smashed in France by the French Revolution. Senanque Abbey is a fine example of Romanesque architecture and as the sun rises over the steep hills that surround it and the first rays kiss the Abbeys Romanesque church and lavenderRead More →

Front view of the Szekly medieval fortified church of Viscri, BuneÅ?ti, BraÅ?ov, Transylvania. Started in the 1100's. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Transylvania has always had an ora of magic about it. Legends abound around Transylvania fuelled by Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula based on the infamous Vlad The Impaler of Sighisoara. situated in the heart of Eastern Europe on the main routes from east to west, Transylvania has always been vulnerable from the invaders that swept west from the Steppes and the Middle East, as well as Medieval war lords who were constantly searching for easy booty. Many times Transylvania was so heavily sacked that the population declined to a point where the land lay fallow. After such periods settlers would slowly return and start farmingRead More →