Photo of colorful fishing housesthe fishing port of Vernazza at sunrise, Cinque Terre National Park, Ligurian Riviera, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the most beautiful parts of the Ligurian coast is the Cinque Terre, 5 villages that are linked by a pathway that leads walkers through the high vineyards of the rocky Ligurian coast. Some of the villages are perched high on cliffs while others were until recent times only accessible by foot or boat. The time locked villages of the Cinque Terre are one of the many jewels in the Italian crown. I hope you enjoy my photos , Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of the Cinque Terre Coast Italy Download Cinque Terre Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & ImagesRead More →

The Canopus, an elongated canal imitating the famous sanctuary of Serapis near Alexandria. The semi-circular exedra of the Serapeum is located at its southern end, dedicated to the gods Isis and Serpis which was probably used as a banqueting hall. Hadrian’s Villa ( Villa Adriana ) built during the second and third decades of the 2nd century AD, Tivoli, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Emperor Hadrian is one of the best known Roman Emperors. He left his name attached to monumental Roman building works such as Hadrains’ Wall and the beautiful Villa Adriana at Tivoli. Hadrian was, like all Romans, a great lover of spending the day in the Baths so at Tivoli he used underground water to create many great baths where he could entertain the great and the good of Imperial Rome and conduct business in a typical way. I hope you enjoy my photos of Villa Adriana”, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Villa Adriana Tivoli Download Hadrians Villa Tivoli Photos or BuyRead More →

Photo of Alberobello Trulli Italy

Alberobello Photo Guide & The History of Trulli with Pictures & Images. Find out why the unique design of the trulli houses came about as a tax dodge. Alberobello is one of the top 20 destinations in Europe. Hope you enjoy the photos, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Alberobello Download Alberobello Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of ItalyRead More →

Argan Tree with Goats climbing it, Morocco

One of the stranger sights you may see in Morocco as you drive towards Essouira through the Argan tree plantations, are goats high up in the Argan trees eating the ripe Argan nut fruit. It really is an extraordinary sight and on closer inspection you can find a herd of goats who have climbed to the top of the Argan tree enjoying their favorite Argan nuts. This Argan photo gallery is dedicated to the climbing goats of Morocco and the rarest oil in the world. Paul Williams.       Photos of Argan Trees, Argan Nuts and Argan Oil Production – Morocco Photos of ArganRead More →

Front view of the Szekly medieval fortified church of Viscri, BuneÅ?ti, BraÅ?ov, Transylvania. Started in the 1100's. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Transylvania has always had an ora of magic about it. Legends abound around Transylvania fuelled by Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula based on the infamous Vlad The Impaler of Sighisoara. situated in the heart of Eastern Europe on the main routes from east to west, Transylvania has always been vulnerable from the invaders that swept west from the Steppes and the Middle East, as well as Medieval war lords who were constantly searching for easy booty. Many times Transylvania was so heavily sacked that the population declined to a point where the land lay fallow. After such periods settlers would slowly return and start farmingRead More →