The Merry Cemetery ( Cimitirul Vesel ), Săpânţa, Maramares, Northern Transylvania, Romania. The naive folk art style of the tombstones created by woodcarver Stan Ioan Pătraş (1909 - 1977) who created in his lifetime over 700 colourfully painted wooden tombstones with small relief portrait carvings of the deceased or with scenes depicting them at work or play or surprisingly showing the violent accident that killed them. Each tombstone has an inscription about the person, sometimes a light hearted limerick in Romanian.

“When I die I wish I could be buried in a Merry Cemetery and have a carved wooden head stone that told of my short time on this planet. The Cemetery of Sapanta is an incredible place where you can introduce yourself and find out about the ex inhabitants of the Village. All Cemeteries should be like this. Enjoy the photos”, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Villa Adriana Tivoli Download Merry Cemetery Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of Romania Photos of the charming the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, Romania Photos and pictures of the Merry Cemetery in theRead More →

Front view of the Szekly medieval fortified church of Viscri, BuneÅ?ti, BraÅ?ov, Transylvania. Started in the 1100's. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Transylvania has always had an ora of magic about it. Legends abound around Transylvania fuelled by Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula based on the infamous Vlad The Impaler of Sighisoara. situated in the heart of Eastern Europe on the main routes from east to west, Transylvania has always been vulnerable from the invaders that swept west from the Steppes and the Middle East, as well as Medieval war lords who were constantly searching for easy booty. Many times Transylvania was so heavily sacked that the population declined to a point where the land lay fallow. After such periods settlers would slowly return and start farmingRead More →