Patio de las Doncellas (Courtyard of the Maidens) an Italian Renaissance courtyard (1540-72) with Arabesque Mudéjar style plaster work, Alcazar of Seville, Seville, Spain

“The fact that the Iberian Peninsular, apart from the far north west, was ruled for over 700 years from 711 by Islamic rulers who called it Al-Andalus, is often glossed over by Christian historians who did their best to bury the whole period. Great buildings, like the Alcazar of Seville, keep the Moorish Berber legacy alive with its incredible Arabesque architecture that shows the skill of the Islamic craftsmen that once lived in present day Spain. I hope you enjoy these Alcazar of Seville photos”, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of the Alcazar of Seville and Spain Download Alcazar of Seville PhotosRead More →

Interior of The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) or Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Built from 1609 to 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I the interior is decorated with Iznik tiles.

‘One of the greatest architectural decorative forms is the Arabesque. Arab mathematicians created incredibly intricate designs in plaster, tiles, and wood to decorate their palaces. Based on Islamic ideas theological ideas that banned representations of God, Islamic designers glorified God by producing intricate designs that demonstrated the eternal depths of Gods being. To this end this gallery of photos is dedicated to the great Islamic craftsmen, I hope you enjoy the photos.’ Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of Villa Adriana Tivoli Download Arabesque Architecture Photos or Buy Prints Download pictures & Images of Islamic Art and Architecture Beautiful Art Photos of ArabesqueRead More →

Arabesque Moorish architecture and pond of the Court of the Myrtles of the Palacios Nazaries, Alhambra. Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

The Alhambra Palace is one of the great Islamic Moorish Palaces of Spain. The last Islamic Caliphate it fell finally on January 2, 1492 ending a 700 year Islamic presence on the Peninsular. Much of the Islamic Alhambra was built over by successive Spanish Kings but one area of the Islamic Palace remarkably survived and today gives a glimpse of the sumptuous architecture and wall decorations that once filled the citadel of the Alhambra. A delight and a remarkable testament to its Berber rulers the Alhambra is true eye candy even for the most seasoned and jaded traveler. I hope you enjoy the photos ,Read More →

Castildeterra rock formation in the Bardena Blanca area of the Bardenas Riales Natural Park, Navarre, Spain

Bardenas Reales Narural Park is just south of the Pyrenese in central northern Spain and a visit will give one of the biggest surprises that any traveler will encounter in Spain. On entering the Bardenas Reales Natural Park you may be forgiven for thinking you have been transported to the high deserts of California. The Bardenas Reales look more like Monument valley than a region of Spain. Its strange rock formations and desert landscape look like the backdrop of a Spaghetti Western. I hope you enjoy these photo, Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of The Bardenas Reales and Spain Download Bardenas RealesRead More →

Romanesque frescoes from the Church of Sant Clement de Taull, Vall de Boi, Alta Ribagorca, Spain. Painted around 1123 depicting Christ Pantocrator or In Majesty. National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona. MNAC 15806

One of the greatest collections of Romanesque Catalan Frescoes is in the Museum of Calatan Art in Barcelona. The Fresco collection contains whole Romanesque Church interiors which were saved from being exported to the UA in the early 1900’s. The influence of Roman Byzantine art is clear but there is a directness in the Frescoes that illustrates medievals mans need to be close to God. This Romanesque Fresco collection is a pure joy and a great treasure. I hope you enjoy the photos. Paul Williams.   See More of Our Photos of MNAC Romanesque Catalan Art Download MNAC Romanesque Catalan Art Photos or Buy PrintsRead More →