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Stock food pictures of Inadian food

Exotic Spiced Indian Food

Featured Food Picture Collection

Indian food has become an international food exciting the taste buds around the world. This collection of Indian food is a celebration of the great cuisine, with the addition of Anglo-Indian dishes that have made Indian food the most popular dishes in the UK

Stock photos of Capadoccia Turkey

journey of a lifetime

Featured cappadocia Travel Images

To get up at dawn and float above the incredible rock formations of cappadocia in central Turkey is one of the top things in anybodies life. The volcanic rocks of cappadocia have been eroded over the years to produce a fairy tale landscape. The pinicles are known locally as fairy chinmeys and create a truely unique landsacpe.

Stock Images of Artisan Bread

Crusty bread food pictures

Featured Food Gallery

There is bread then there is artisan bread. The term artisan is become much abused in the bread making circles but a true artisan bread has a taste thaat cannot easily be forgotten. Commercial bread is risen in an hour whilst artisan breads are risen with wild years for 12-14 hours. This allows the enzymes to be released from the bread with spectaclar results..

Stock photo of historic Chartre Cathedral medieval Statues

1000 Year Old Portraits

Featured Travel Images Gallery

Medieval art has many endeering qualities that not least of which is the way is the stylistic approach to depicting people. Chartre has one, if not the, best collections of medieval sculptures that adorns the outside of its cathedral. The style at Chatres depicts long thin people that gaze at you from 1000 years ago. Chartres Cathedral is the highlight of any medieval tour of France. .

stock photos of the ancient stone circle monyment of Stonehenge

images of stonehenge

Featured Food Picture Gallery

Stonehenge is probably the great iconic symbol of Neolithic achievement in the world. The scale of Stonehenge is breathtaking and the achievement of its contruction over 5000 years ago is mind blowing. Although you are only allowed to wonder inside this megalthic monument on mid summers day, a walk ariund it is still an incredible experience.

Stck Images of the Historic site of Mount Nemrut Turkey

Images of Mount Nemrut

Featured Travel Images Gallery

Sitting 6000ft up ontop of Mount Nemrut in Turkey is one of the world great monumental tombs. This gallery of photos shows the tomb of the the Roman-Persian king Antiochus I built around 500BC.

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